• September 15, 2023

New York – We are delighted to announce that Suabix™ has officially been submitted for trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today. As a cherished asset of The Magnet Way Corp, this accomplishment underscores our pledge to safeguard Suabix’s distinct identity and our unwavering dedication to its transformative potential. This filing comes in the wake of Suabix’s introduction and patent filing announcement, reaffirming the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation.

“In marking this  significant milestone, we strengthen our commitment to fostering innovation and enabling the successful integration of human factors engineering into medical device development,” said Dr. Katia M. Rojas, Founder & CEO of The Magnet Way Corp. “Suabix™ provides manufacturers and product developers with invaluable guidance to implement robust human factors practices, prioritizing patient safety and success while enabling smooth alignment among key stakeholders.”

Revolutionizing Patient Safety through a Powerful Patent-Pending Integration

Suabix™ represents a remarkable fusion of state-of-the-art AI technology and the pioneering Successful Human Factors™ framework. This patent-pending innovation propels the industry into a new era, providing advanced solutions that ensure patient safety and industry excellence. Combining cutting-edge AI technology with the Successful Human Factors 2.0 framework, Suabix™ empowers healthcare organizations to achieve unparalleled success in human factors and usability.

Suabix™ seamlessly aligns with relevant standards, regulatory guidelines, industry best practices, and key success factors, catalyzing efficiency, collaborative efforts, and an expedited path to maturity. This robust alignment not only guarantees enhanced patient safety and innovation but also represents a powerful combination, systematizing human factors and usability excellence in healthcare product development through a comprehensive, patent-pending algorithm that leaves no aspect unaddressed.

The Future of Healthcare Product Development

Suabix™ is poised to transform the landscape of healthcare product development. As it gains attention and recognition, healthcare stakeholders eagerly anticipate its potential to guide their organizations towards success. More than just a tool, Suabix™ embodies the future of human factors in healthcare.  With Suabix™, organizations can seamlessly automate and streamline multiple aspects of usability testing, from planning to executing and reporting.

This revolutionary AI system is an unparalleled tool for achieving usability excellence, regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement. For instance, Suabix™ is instrumental in reducing testing timelines, and ensuring accuracy, enabling quicker path to market for life-saving innovations and reduced recalls.

“As Suabix™ charts new territories in healthcare innovation, we remain committed to pioneering advancements that enhance patient safety, foster innovation, and enable the successful integration of human factors into medical device development,” concluded Dr. Rojas.

Contact Information

For additional information, early access, and collaboration opportunities with Suabix™, please reach out to us at suabix@successfulhf.com or call us at +1 (845) 237-2479.


About The Magnet Way Corp:

The Magnet Way Corp, headquartered in New York, is a startup specializing in fit-for-purpose human factors
maturity framework services through Successful Human Factors™. With the integration of AI, The Magnet Way Corp has pioneered Suabix™, an AI system that revolutionizes human factors in healthcare and MedTech. The company is
committed to enhancing patient safety, fostering innovation, and enabling the successful integration of human factors into medical device development.

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