Hello, I'm Suabix!

Fast Tracked Human Factors Maturity


Suabix™ is a patent-pending groundbreaking advanced AI solution for seamless integration of human factors and usability engineering in healthcare, MedTech, and beyond.  Suabix™ stands at the intersection of the pioneering SHF 2.0 maturity framework and cutting-edge AI technology. It is more than just another tool, it’s a transformative force.


Stay Ahead with AI-Powered Human Factors & Usability Engineering

Harness the transformative power of Suabix to streamline usability, optimize tasks and collaboration, gain advanced guidance and insights, reduce risks, increase success, and add unrivaled expertise flawlessly aligned for excellence and regulatory compliance (leaving no room for compromise). We offer flexible plans as well as tailor Suabix to your needs with customization options and support. To access introductory features, reach out to us.

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