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Hello, I'm Suabix!

Suabix™ is the first AI copilot for integration of human factors and usability engineering in healthcare, MedTech, and beyond.  Suabix™ stands at the intersection of cutting-edge AI technology and the pioneering Successful Human Factors™ (SHF) 2.0 maturity framework. It is more than just another tool, it’s a transformative force, delivering instant human factors excellence at scale!

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Introductory Features Include:

Supercharge your workflow with groundbreaking AI capabilities and start accelerating processes, unlocking tailored insights, and elevating your team’s expertise for user-centered design at every phase of the MedTech product lifecycle. 


Realtime HF Guidance

With Suabix, you can have an expert assistant by your side throughout the human factors engineering process. Engage in real-time conversations, including voice chat, getting tailored guidance at every phase of medical device development.

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AI Features for Medical HF Teams

Leverage a growing range of multimodal AI features (from video, image and text generation, to text-to-speech conversion, and content/image analysis) to enhance MedTech HF project success.

Supercharge HF at every phase

HF Excellence at Scale

Intelligent, fit-for-purpose templates and tools for productivity and accuracy, designed to streamline your human factors activities for optimal success.

Enhance productivity

Powerful Customization

Seamless integration into existing workflows as needed (SaaS or customized). Tailor Suabix to your organization's unique goals and requirements.

Tailor Suabix to your needs

With Suabix by your side, experience AI-powered human factors engineering and unlock success at every phase!

Suabix represents a forward-thinking, intelligent, resourceful and highly capable human factors engineering assistant specifically for medical and healthcare product development, grounded in enhancing patient safety and optimizing usability.

Through its capabilities, Suabix facilitates the implementation of HFE best practices, promoting the development of safer, more user-friendly healthcare solutions. 

Deploy Suabix your Way

Suabix understands that every organization has unique requirements and preferences when it comes to deploying AI-powered human factors solutions. That’s why we offer flexible deployment options to suit your needs. Whether you opt for SaaS (Software as a Service), Integrated deployment, or a Customized solution, Suabix ensures that your team can effortlessly leverage the unparalleled benefits of AI-powered human factors, tailored specifically for the MedTech field.


With our secure, scalable SaaS solution, you can easily access and utilize Suabix without the need for additional infrastructure or maintenance. Enjoy optimal performance, and stay ahead with AI-Powered Human Factors & Usability Engineering Tailored to your needs!


If your organization requires a more tailored approach, the Customized deployment option is the perfect choice. We work with you to align with your organization's preferences, so your team can leverage Suabix's AI-powered human factors expertise in a way that best suits your requirements.

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